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Practice Matters

Texas Hold'em is a very easy game to learn. 212
Many books have been written on how to play limit Texas Hold’em 213
In No-limit poker, players have betting options 214
With this site, as a guide, you will gain 215
This site is full of strategies 216
This site will also describe many tells and talk about betting 217
After I lay out how luck plays a part in poker 218
It is all about winning. In every hand 219
The most successful poker players are those 220
How a person dresses can tell you a lot 221
There is a theory that people who stack their chips 222
When a player is very talkative 223
These type of players will go for the big flashy play. 224
Other players will try to give off an image 225
Inexperienced or weak players 226
There are four types of playing styles in poker 227
Tight/aggressive is waiting for good opportunities 228
In cash games or when deep stacked 229
Do not assume that these players 230
Loose / Aggressive players 231
The best way to play 232
Loose players like to see a lot of cheap flops 233
If your memory is not so good 234
Poker players can be divided 235
If a tight player raises pre-flop 236
On the other hand, a player 237
Every time you sit down at a poker table 238
Probability is the chance that an event will occur 239
The probability of being dealt a particular pair 240
Making a Flush on the Turn 241
Outs is a term referring to the number 242
In other words, you may have 9 outs 243
Estimating Probability of Flopping a Set: 244
For example, if there is $200 in the pot 245
By making the call, you would be risking $25 246
The first step is to estimate how many outs 247
used to describe possible bets on later streets 248
You have 9 outs 249
There is $30 in the pot, pre-flop 250
Determining Pot Odds 251
This may be a safe way to play 252
When you are ahead in the hand 253
The following are some examples 254
To keep things simple 255
The $45 bet is enticing 256
You flop a set 257
Implied Odds 258
Some draws are much more easily detected 259
One of the most common situations 260
One other factor 261
Starting Hands 262
We can all agree that big pocket pairs 263
This site will discuss many different starting hands, listing some 264
Remember, that a big pocket pair 265
When you are dealt a big pocket pair 266
Big pairs are good hands 267
If you raise with them, pre-flop 268
There are many ways to play pocket Aces 269
Pocket Aces will hold up 270
However, most skilled players 271
The reason for this is 272
When experienced players detect 273
If a player tries to be sneaky 274
I will mention two alternative methods 275
Method I 276
You will be surprised how much action 277
About 90% of the time 278
Second, every time someone calls 279
A reasonable person may say 280
They may see the all-in bet 281
If you are dealt pocket Aces 282
I do not recommend that you slow play Kings 283
If you limp in, you run the risk 284
The more players that limp 285
Limping in: 286
If you win on the flop 287
Another reason not to slow play 288
If an Ace hits the flop 289
If he keeps staring at the board 290
Queens 291
In the situations where you raise 292
If you are up against a rock 293
If you are up against a loose player 294
If you think your opponent may have Ace - King 295
Jacks 296
opponents and past experience always helps 297
I fail to see the strategy of risking 298
Any flop has about a 72% chance 299
By raising, pre-flop 300
Even if a player is holding a King 301
Another popular hand is King - Queen 302
If you bet out on the flop 303
If your opponent just smooth calls 304
It is best played against hands like 305
Middle Pairs 6’s thru 10’s 306
In late position, pre-flop 307
Try to play them heads up 308
If you miss your set 309
If you don't improve on the flop 310
Trouble Hands 311
Aways analyze your opponents' action 312
Don't go broke with just one pair 313
The odds of flopping a flush 314
If you want to play suited cards 315
If you have suited cards in the hole 316
That being said 317
“Lucky” Starting Hands 318
Luck does happen in some strange patterns 319
Maybe, If every time you limp in with a weak hand 320
Pre - Flop Play 321
If you indicate strength, pre-flop 322
Avoid calling a raise 323
Whether you raise, pre-flop or not 324
By laying down in "iffy" situations 325
This strategy works well 326

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